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Acrylic Light Boxes

Vibrant colours are captured onto a brilliant acrylic display. This optimizes clarity and detail for your product. Professionally manufactured by our experienced engineers!

Print On Acrylic

Top quality printers give life to your images. Printing in acrylic prevents fading and bleeding in virtually any environment. Premium acrylic displays are made to last!

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LED Light Source

Acrylic light boxes have a LED light source built into the box frame. The LED lights are bright, eco-friendly and won't fade for over 10 years! They don't take a lot of electricity to light up making them cost efficient for you.

Custom Sizes

We can make virtually any light box size you need. Acrylic light boxes work in indoor and outdoor settings. They can be freestanding, wall mounted, attached to hanging wires and more. We optimize the shape based on the needs of our clients.

Exquisite Design

Professional design is everything. We take care of the details so that your advertisement stand out at its best. Consumer's are not just looking at a light box; they are witnessing professional craftsmanship. Never settle for anything other than the best light boxes on the market!

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